Sustainicum Collection

Consus The aim of the project is to establish a regional science-society network for sustainability innovations in Albania and Kosovo in order to strengthen the connection and collaboration of institutions in the field of higher education, research and practice.

Sustainicum Collection

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In times of energy and resource abundance we have forgotten how to recognize and understand simple interrelationships that are relevant for sustainable action. Moreover, university graduates should be able to provide information, since they will be heavily involved in future design processes. For that reason, it is important to us that all students be confronted with the issue of sustainability, similarly to how university graduates used to have a basic understanding of philosophy. All students should have dealt intensively with sustainability at least once in their life; following the example of the Leuphana University of Lüneburg, where all beginning students complete a teaching unit on sustainability, and also like “Common Body of Knowledge” required by the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

On this continually expanding platform you will find resources from the four categories of Teaching Resources and Participative Teaching Methods, which you are free to use in your own courses. In return you are invited to share your own resources with other teachers through this platform!


Helga Kromp-Kolb (BOKU Vienna) 
Friedrich Zimmermann (KFU Graz) 
Michael Narodoslawsky (TU Graz)