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Literature Scences – An overall concept viewed from an integrative perspecitve(Resource ID: 11)

Research and presentation portfolios document 10 interesting and innovative concepts of students of German medieval studies. The concepts are for public events that are well suited to be organized as an accompanying program to the project “Medieval Styrian literature trails“ (http://literaturpfade.uni-graz.at [German only]), that has been implemented in 2012 and will continue until 2017.

During a project seminar that has been held by the head of the  project “Medieval Styrian literature trails (http://literaturpfade.uni-graz.at [German only]) in the summer semester of 2012 at the University of Graz, 10 students of German medieval studies developed concepts for various cultural events that are connected to one of the eight literature trail–scenes. The ideas were developed by extensive discussions with professionals from various sectors.

At the end of the seminar, the concepts have been combined to a research and presentation portfolio. The research portfolio contains the revised seminar papers and the presentation portfolio the PowerPoint presentation that has been used for public presentations of the ideas.

As many concepts as possible should be implemented from 2012 to 2017 to increase the intellectual sustainability of this major remembrance project. The project is also supported by different medieval events from other research areas.

Please note: The attached resources are only available in German.

Relevance for Sustainability
The portfolios are supporting elements of the literature trails project and the idea to remember centuries old local (because once created at exactly this location) cultural assets in form of texts of all kinds. The medieval texts are made available to the public so that they can either serve as entertainment or be analyzed in terms of artistic lifestyles and activities of medieval and modern times. Medieval texts are made new from old for various groups of society but especially for the younger generation. The results seem appropriate to strengthen the regional values of individuality, uniqueness and attraction in the modern and global context of today's world.
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This module can be used in combination with the module "Video documentary on Styrian literature trails"!

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