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Consus The aim of the project is to establish a regional science-society network for sustainability innovations in Albania and Kosovo in order to strengthen the connection and collaboration of institutions in the field of higher education, research and practice.

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Student Participation in the Law-Making Process in Kosovo(Resource ID: 266)

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Students have many ideas and valuable knowledge about economic development issues in the country. The academic personnel of Riinvest College are quite often involved in the law-making processes through different public debates and hearings organized by Governmental bodies, relevant Parliamentary Committees as well as the Civil Society Organizations in Kosovo. Through this project students will have the opportunity to contribute to further improvements of legislation related to sustainability issues in Kosovo. The idea is to discuss together with students in economic related courses (i.e. Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, EU Integration Economics, etc.) the potential impact of proposed amendments and/or new draft laws or bylaws, and when needed to provide recommendations which will be presented in such public debates. In addition, one or two students will also attend such debates on a rotational basis.

Students initially will be provided with a proposal of a new draft law or certain amendments of current laws. Once students receive the proposal, they will be divided into few groups (3-5 students) and then will be asked to analyse and provide a written feedback with regard to the given proposal.

Furthermore, each group will have the chance to make a thorough presentation of advantages and disadvantages of the amendments of the new draft law proposals. After the presentation, through an interactive discussion where all student groups will be present, the most constructive recommendations will be selected.

Such recommendations will be then sent to a committee consisting of College lecturers for further analysis before they are presented and discussed in public debates/hearings.

Integration of Social Stakeholders
The law making bodies will benefit from students by receiving external, well-grounded, and creative perspectives which could be incorporated into the proposed laws and/or amendments. This in turn will improve the legal infrastructure - which is a precondition for the improvement of the overall economic and social well being.
– Creative and educated students
– Inclusive perspectives
– Lack of students’ institutional background
Learning Outcomes
– Increased awareness of the importance of sustainable development; In addition, students will understand the law-making process in Kosovo.
Relevance for Sustainability
– Contribution to sustainable economic growth
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No specific previous knowledge / related resources required
Preparation Efforts
Preparation Efforts Description
Teachers should prepare a manual with specific instructions on how to conduct this whole activity. Instructions along with the material (i.e. proposed draft-laws) will be handed out to students at least a week in advance so they have enough time to read and understand them.
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