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Applying mix marketing in the beverages manufacturing sector to lifted up their sustainability in the market(Resource ID: 283)

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Field research is a crucial and vital source of knowledge, providing students with first-hand practices in this dynamic, turbulent and very difficult environment for survival in the business. Applying field working will help students to make differentiation in implementing of the mix instruments of marketing in business and their impact in sharing it to market and increasing of profit from one side and their impact in declining of the imported product from their field. So, providing this learning material to students, will help them building an non habitual concept of studying about this issues. This way of learning will furnish students with the necessary tools to critically analyse the subject matter and writing down conclusions and adequate recommendations on how to improve marketing mix instruments aiming towards sustainable growth of businesses,better satisfying customer needs and improving profits through growing presence in the Kosovo market and wider.

Kosovo shall have a stabile future with a stable economic development. Regarding from the global aspect it could be said that the whole world economy stands in the dynamic stage of transformations in order to adjust to the requests of the new economic and world order.

External market is considered to be one of the main instruments of growth in Kosovo. Analyzing sectors in the economy  of Kosovo,it is worth to mention  that the beverage sector like other sectors in Kosovo is dominated by imports mainly due to inefficient small businesses within the sector.

Despite the presence of several local beverages in Kosovo market, the reality shows that the Kosovo market is overcrowded with imported products showing debalance  of foreign trade. Imported drinks are around 85% of the products consumed in the country. Kosovo imports these products mainly the EU, mainly from Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia ,Grice and Germany, not excluding even Serbian.

It is widely known the fact that dependency on the position of marketing in the company’s organizational structure, depends the success and failure of the company. It is known that larger and medium companies have better technical, staffing and financial capabilities to design a marketing strategy, a marketing plan as well as a marketing budget. Therefore, determination of marketing budget it’s not an easy business, in the contrary, it is one of the most important aspects of marketing, respectively of marketing plan. In the case of Kosovo companies, in majority of cases, marketing budget is overlooked or is made depending on the market situation, i.e. ad hoc and some others businesses prepare it on the basis of percentage of sales. Many of them have not sufficiently explained how much and the way of sharing marketing budget, issue that affects the effective performance of marketing mix policies.


So, the sector provides attractive opportunities for import substitution by investment in  education of the experts,modern equipment, techniques and product branding.


With better  implementing mix marketing instruments these products could be produced locally at a price that is lower than foreign competitor, contributing at the same time of generation y jobs and improve the wellbeing of Kosovo citizens.


In order to improve their positioning into the market and to change the actual perception of domestic customers for locally produced beverage products, managers of these businesses have contacted Universum College to conduct a field study regarding the improvement of actual marketing mix instruments, that will change customer perception at the same time  improving sales firstly into the domestic market and  step by step to expand into the regional markets and wider. These will lead towards the sustainable growth, continuously substitution of imported i product and increasing of employment.


In the end of the field research, you are to produce a report with your findings and the recommendation that the organization could undertake to improve its competitive ability vs. Importers of beverage products by implementing better marketing mix instruments toward the sustainable growth and import substitution.

The final report will also be presented in front of other students and representatives from beverage sector and stakeholders involved into the process

Integrimi i palëve të interesuara shoqërore
The sector is well organized to provide support for sustainable growth firstly and substitution of imported products, via two main trade organizations – the Kosovo Drink Association and by assistance of other stakeholders such are Ministry of spatial planning,Mi nistry of economic development, Ministry of trade and industry, Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development (MAFRD), business associations as Kosovo Chamber of Commerce and Kosovo Business Alliance where the producers are members, and also Regional Development Agencies RDA and Municipalities where dairy producers belong through their development departments, including rural and or agricultural departments within Municipality.
Beverage producers and other stakeholders are involved in the seminar as active partners and students have the possibility to get in direct contact with producers and experience challenges in implementing sustainable growth and declining of import. All stakeholders mentioned above but mainly the beverage producers will benefit from the interactive cooperation with students by receiving feedback on their actual mix marketing instruments implemented and gained on the field by the students and recommendations about their further needed plans to improve growth and sustainability which will lead to decline import.
Pika e forte
– Increase of students think toward the real world business life comparing to the lessons learned regarding the marketing mix instruments.
– Experience gained on the field by students
– Cooperation with drink producers and other stakeholders
– Students learn how to gather data on the field and how to process and present them better and which will serve them to recommend producers toward sustainable growth by using better their marketing mix instruments
– Producers and stakeholders will have a real picture of their image based on customer perception toward the domestic production..
Pika e dobët
– Because they are always busy ,it is hard to bring producers and stakeholders into the seminars organized by students and universities,
Short time for comprehensive field study, regarding to the sector ability and opportunity
Rezultatet e të mësuarit
– LT1: Delivering knowledge about marketing and mix marketing widely;
– LT2:Analyse actual mix marketing instruments implemented by beverage producers ;
– LT3: Offer constructive thoughts on actual mix marketing implemented by local producers
– LT4: Research independently and through groups
– LT5: Write a research-type report that is given to the organization at the end of research.
Lidhja për qëndrueshmëri
– Encouraging sustainable growth and production new product.
– Stimulation of local manufacturer for increasing of production having in mind quality of product as key issues and increasing of employment, thus, increasing wellbeing.
– Involvement of different stake holders into the paper work
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Përpjekjet e përgatitjes
Përshkrimi i përpjekjeve të përgatitjes
– Students will partake in 2 lectures of 2hrs each. Furthermore, students will get involved in a 2 x 2 hours public lecture by marketing managers or lastly marketing experts from beverage manufacturers.
Gjykimi / vlerësimi
1. Detyre shtepie (home work)Piket (points)20%
2.Punim seminarik Cash flow assignement Piket (points) 10%
3.Pjese-marje& aktivitetei(participation &activity) Piket (points) 10%
4.Provimi final(final exam) Piket(points) 60%
Gjithësej 100 %
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This teaching resource, realised within the project ConSus, has been funded with the support of the TEMPUS of the European Union. The contents reflect the views of the authors, and the European Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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