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Consus The aim of the project is to establish a regional science-society network for sustainability innovations in Albania and Kosovo in order to strengthen the connection and collaboration of institutions in the field of higher education, research and practice.

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This resource explores the concept of learning and development and thinking about sustainable development. Students will be presented with the following concepts: Osguthorpe ( Learning that grows) Kolb (Experiential learning) Illeris ( How we learn) and UNDP, (Human Development) The resource engages students in activities that include the exploration of different learning methods such as: a Brain- Storming Activity, Poster Presentations, Learning style Survey/Testing, Discussions and Interactions with the Stakeholder.

This resource explores the concept of learning and development and thinking about sustainable development. Students will be presented the following concepts: Osguthorpe ( Learning that grows) Kolb (Experiential learning)Illeris ( How we learn) and  UNDP, (Human Development) 
The resource engages students in activities that include the exploration  of different learning methods such as: a Brain- Storming Activity, Poster Presentations, Learning style Survey/Testing,  Discussions and Interactions with the Stakeholder. 

It is suggested that Learning about Sustainable Development requires learning that links to our own identities and only through our actions can we push the agenda for sustainable development.
The resource can be used in classes about learning, learning and identity, as well as learning and sustainable development. It can also be used as induction class upon entering university, taking into consideration that education prepares students for work and for life with skills, competencies, values and attitudes to become productive and responsible citizens. In this sense, education does not respond only to short term market needs but also to the needs of societies in order to be sustainable. The resource is  also related to the concept of learning how to learn, which is key to the skills that are needed by learners in order to respond to changes happening every day. 


See Instructions for details how to implement the resource

Human Development Video: https://youtu.be/HwgZQ1DqG3w

See brainstoriming and poster instructions

See Check list for Interaction with the Stakeholder

Integration of Social Stakeholders
The stakeholders are integrated as guest speakers and are invited to talk about sustainability topics in relation to business and technology
– The strength of this resource lies in connecting sustainable development with personal development
– The personalities selected should be sustainability campaigners
Learning Outcomes
– To understand different types of learning and how it relates to sustainable personal development
– Critically reflect on the learning experience
– Critically analyse business and technology development in light of sustainable development
– Write a research paper and present the sustainability topic to a student audience
Relevance for Sustainability
–Personal Development as our Sustainable Selves can engage engage in the sustainability agenda
Related Teaching Resources
No specific previous knowledge / related resources required
Preparation Efforts
Preparation Efforts Description
– Preparation of a room for discussions – Preparation of materials – Identification and involvement of guest speakers
E paaplikueshme
Credit/Certification Description
Sources and Links

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