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Consus The aim of the project is to establish a regional science-society network for sustainability innovations in Albania and Kosovo in order to strengthen the connection and collaboration of institutions in the field of higher education, research and practice.

Breeding in the bio farm - From animal feed to human nutrition(Resource ID: 342)

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Students learn how to manage a bio farm in Albania, as well as other countries. They may discuss critical points,they can form different groups where they can exchange of ideas and if they have some good ideas they can interact with different companies.

This teaching resourse,  aims to show students how a farm works in real life, highlighting the problems that can occur and most importantly contribute to the students in such a way that they will benefit a company.

The students will have to compare the Albanian company with an international company, identifying better solutions. They will have the opportunity to search scientific publications about the nutritional properties of different food and identify the ideal feed for animals.


Integration of Social Stakeholders
They are directly involved in the explanation of the practical management of the farm, also they can discuss some critical problems that can occur on the farm and how they can solve these problems ensuring to take into account sustainability.
• Active learning for the students
• Theoretical learning for the company
• Learning to work in groups
• Waste management
• Food processes
•Stakeholders must agree to collaborate and discuss their own business plan and real "business life" problems with students
•Low interest by the students
•Inadequate methods of transporting students to the farms
Learning Outcomes
Scientific research and interpretation, presentation strategy, identification of the
problems on the farm, the ability of the student to increase their knowledge about the problems on the farm - taking into account the idea of sustainability and finally the introduction of students to real life problems that take place on the farm.
Relevance for Sustainability
•Management of waste and environmental protection
•Preparation of students to create their own farms in a sustainable
Related Teaching Resources
• Basis of the anatomy and physiology of the animal • Basic knowledge of animal digestion • Knowledge of animal feed
Preparation Efforts
Preparation Efforts Description
Ensure continuous contact with the management of the factories and ensure their is co-operation and sharing of problems.
This teaching can be accessed through multiple assignments, such as the involvement into the projects, the ability to find data, the application into the field and finally the presentations or contributions to discussions.
Credit/Certification Description
If students pass the project assessment, find the relevant data and can interpret them correctly and finally if they are able to present their work, they will gain credits for their chosen module.
Sources and Links

–     Scientific publication, website, scientific  magazines.



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This teaching resource, realised within the project ConSus, has been funded with the support of the TEMPUS of the European Union. The contents reflect the views of the authors, and the European Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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