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The juridical process as a source to guarantee the respect of human rights(Resource ID: 343)

Fair trial is a constitutional right. It is stipulated in Article 42 of the Constitution of the Republic of Albania. Besides the Constitution, the right for a fair trial is also found in provision 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights. This topic will be adressed on four elements of due process of law. There will be four groups of students and each of the elements of due process of law will be the main object of the activity. The recommended member of groups is five to seven students. This module is designed to last six hours from 45 hours that is the all course.

Students will be divided into four groups of 5-7 people, who will attend lectures  not only by the professors of university, but also from the judges.

After the ending of these lectures that will last two hours from six hours, and consulting of the data from tha database of the courts, students will be able to prepare a report from these results.

The lectures will contain doctrinal information, which means that the professor and the judges will explain the content of artcile  42 of the Constitution of the Republic of Albania and  judicial practice for each element. In addition, the students divided into groups, will attend the lectures. After the lectures ends, students will be able to ask questions and reflect on a report prepared by them, and the results (ex. the activity of the judiciary, the impact that has the right to a due process in the realization of other rights, the factors determining the infringement of the right to a due process etc.)

Students also will consult the data on the case law of the Constitutional Court, by researching specific issues on the item they have as the object of study.

Members of juridical body the district of Dr  are involved as the main subject on the progress of fair trial. Students will have the possibility to take part and listen to the judicial processes.

One of the games that can be used, is the improvisation of a hearing where the students are divided into the panel, the defendant and the prosecutor. During the course of the session, they are assisted by the lecturer on didactic information and data that students have acquired in the court archives.

A follow-up discussion is recommended to recapitulate the covered content and the applied methods, to summarize how the technical and content levels relate to one another.


Integration of Social Stakeholders
Members of juridical body of Dr district are the main subjects of the progress of this fair trial. They will be invited to give lectures and to share their experiences with the students. Students will also have the possibility to take part and attend judicial processes. Members of juridical body explain elements of fair judicial process
The methods that will be used.
The fact that students are very interested in practice, more then the information obtained from textbooks.
The difficulties for the students to understand the content of court files.
Learning Outcomes
It will increase the interest of students on the importance of their contribution to the realization of justice and increasing the accountability of the judiciary committee. Treatment of the right to a fair trial should be based on a standard, that of law. The evaluation process should be comparable to internationally recognized standards.
Relevance for Sustainability
Analysis of the right to a fair trial under the Constitution of the Republic of Albania and the ECHR; Managing data obtained from the survey in the activity judicial bodies.
Related Teaching Resources
No specific previous knowledge / related resources required
Preparation Efforts
Preparation Efforts Description
- Preparation of the module - Identification of the judicial bodies that will be studied and interviewed - Prepartion of the students to share the information with each other
The evaluation will be 10 percent of the final assessment of the course.
Credit/Certification Description
No credit certification
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University library, personal library, the archives of the court and electronic sources.









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