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Consus The aim of the project is to establish a regional science-society network for sustainability innovations in Albania and Kosovo in order to strengthen the connection and collaboration of institutions in the field of higher education, research and practice.

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Active learning through practicing Management Consulting Skills(Resource ID: 263)

Integrating theory with real business cases is the key to long term learning. Management Consulting is rather a new subject which needs a different teaching approach. Students will be equipped with a methodology of the management consulting process, however they will have to summarize their previous knowledge in order to produce a validated consultation report. By selecting specific companies students will have opportunity to act as management consultants and make efforts to improve their market strategy, increase sales, provide reliable market research and orientation, develop HR and growth strategy etc.

Management consulting helps companies to solve their main problems, create higher value, accelerate growth and improve business performance. Management Consultants use their business and analytical skills to offer their best expertise and to develop skills that the company itself may be lacking. They are primarily concerned with the long term strategy, organizational structure, management and operations of an organization.


Management Consulting as a professional field in Kosovo is in the infancy phase of development. A recent capacity scan of consultants in Kosovo underlined that there is a significant need for consultation services on the side of SMEs, but effective (fully paid for) demand for business consultancy is low. The main factors hampering the demand for business consultancy services in Kosovo are businesses’ lack of awareness of their needs, lack of financial means of enterprises to make use of consulting services and a refusal of businesses to use the services of business consultants because they don’t believe that consultants can help them.


A significant share of consultants in Kosovo does not have an educational background sufficiently practical for engaging in meaningful consultancy work. Nevertheless, the majority of the surveyed business consultants as noted in the above mentioned report, have completed their education in the field of business & management on university level. But one third of the consultants do not have any specific training on consultancy. 


Considering this, the Universum College has introduced the course on Management Consulting into the second year of the master studies. The aim was to promote  the profession and benefits of being consultants to students. However since this course is based mostly on practicing the skills, the aim of this proposal is to develop several case studies by students that will serve as a learning material grouped into a case book on management consulting.

Students will be divided into groups of two, and a specific company will be assigned where they will conduct  business diagnostics, and will propose solutions to the previously identified problems.

During the course the students will be linked to the Business Consultants Council in order to learn more about their activities and will have the opportunity to listen to two experienced consultants as guest speakers.

Integration of Social Stakeholders
- Business Community: Students will have to visit companies several times during the course, in order to conduct diagnostics and discuss with the companies about potential solutions
- Business Consultant Council – an association which gathers consultants will be involved in order to link students with experienced consultants
- Active learning experience for students
- Increasing the awareness of the benefits of the consultation profession among students and companies
- Developing consultation skills
- Networking with consultants, and companies
– Difficult access to companies
– Students may perceive working with companies as a difficult
– Coordination among students
Learning Outcomes
– LT1 Understand the Consultation process (5 stages)
– LT2 Identify underlining issues hindering companies to perform better
– LT3 Produce a valid business diagnostic report by providing solutions
– LT4 Produce a Project Proposal to the company for implementation
Relevance for Sustainability
– Increasing sustainable cooperation between academia and the business community
– Increasing awareness among companies about the relevance of consultations
– Contributing to the sustainable development of researched companies
– Introducing sustainable standards into the consulting profession
Related Teaching Resources
– Advanced knowledge of Management Practises –Advanced knowledge of Strategic Management and Human Resource Management – Marketing Research and Marketing Strategy background
Preparation Efforts
Preparation Efforts Description
– Preparation for the Lectures – Contacting companies to arrange for field visits – Liaison with Business Consultants Council and Experienced Consultants
Participation and Class Contribution
Case study
Final Paper
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This teaching resource, realised within the project ConSus, has been funded with the support of the TEMPUS of the European Union. The contents reflect the views of the authors, and the European Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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