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Legal framework for certification and marketing Bio products in the context of sustainable development and environmental protection(Resource ID: 351)

Albania is noted for a high level of biological diversity, but these last 20 years, it is suffering from unbearable erosion with disastrous effects on the environment. One possible way of stopping this erosion is to implement, at a large scale, the organic farming system. This system supports the natural balance of production by applying natural methods of protection, as well as full use of natural resources and renewable ones. As such, this system helps substantially in preserving the environment. Implementation of such a system requires knowledge of legislation and certification rules for the production and marketing of these products.

This teaching resource aims at introducing students with issues related to the legal framework and conditions for the certification, as well as marketing of Bio products and their important role for rural development and environmental protection. 

Agriculture is a very important sector of the economy. The organic farming system is not a new concept and it ensures the cultivation of a plant only by perserving soil fertility and living microorganisms, using animal and plant organic waste and other farm waste, in order to provide plant feed and sustainable production in an ecological unpolluted  environment. Organic farming offers health benefits and environmental protection. It is also proven that there are positive impacts on rural economies as from the standpoint of making incomes, as well as that of diversity in economic activities. 

This teaching material will initially be presented to students of bachelor or masters in law during the course of environmental law, starting with a frank discussion on tools and instruments that can be used in order to preserve the environment and the role that Bio products on this behalf. 

Then students will partectipate in an open lesson held by representatives of  the "BIO ADRIA" Association and a farmer from the community of farmers of Durres that cultivates bio grapes. This lecture will aim to familiarize students of role that Bio farms can play in preserving the environment and sustainable rural development. In order to achieve it, lecturers will present the case study of Bio farms and international literature in this field. 

After this, students will be introduced to the Albanian legal framework for the production, certification and marketing of Bio products and conditions to obtain state subsidies. 

The next step will be the formation of students groups (4-5). They will choose a product and based on it, they will prepare a document that will include the main instructions for producing it in an organic way and all other necessary documents for state certification, subsidies and marketing.


Integration of Social Stakeholders
Actors who will be directly involved in the teaching material will be: The "BIO ADRIA" Association and the farmers community of the area of Durres.
– It elaborate an important problem for the environmental conservation and protection and rural development and in Albania
– It makes the students to think about a problem and how to resolve it
– It gives the student the basic idea of environmental protection and rural sustainable development through the support of production and marketing of BIO products.
- Lack of awareness about the role of BIO Agriculture in protecting the environment and its economic benefits.
Learning Outcomes
The objectives of this teaching material are:
1. raising students' awareness of problems of environmental protection and sustainable rural development
2. preparation of students for teamwork and in interdisciplinary fields as a necessary condition for success in their future career.
3. prepare students with the necessary expertise in a field that currently is not spread in Albania
Relevance for Sustainability
– The students think about environmental protection and its challenges
– The students will start to become familiar with the effective role of environmental law and its multiple interconnection with other disciplines such as bio agricultural law.
Related Teaching Resources
No specific previous knowledge / related resources required
Preparation Efforts
Preparation Efforts Description
– Theoretical preparation on the relevance of BIO products. (2 hours) – Theoretical preparation on legal aspects in of registration certification and subsidies for BIO products (3 hours) – Working in groups preparing the necessary legal documents for certification, registration and requests for subsidies of the BIO product. (20 hours)
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Andon Kume
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